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Enviromental administration

The appearance and change of environmental regulations at ever-increasing pace pose serious tasks for companies operating in a wide variety of fields, and their continuous monitoring and fulfillment involves considerable time and resources (financial, professional).

For most businesses, keeping their tasks up to date is a serious problem, and the best way to eliminate them is to entrust a company with highly experienced experts to handle the case.

Our company helps ensure that our clients' obligations in this dynamically evolving field are constantly monitored and fulfilled.

Accordingly, upon request, we provide full environmental administration as well as the continuous fulfillment of the duties of the environmental representative, through which:

  • Continuous monitoring of all environmental obligations for the organization is concentrated in one hand, eliminating the need for significant time for our clients
  • We provide our clients with ongoing information on their environmental regulations (or changes thereto)
  • The organization’s environmental obligations are up to date as required
  • We provide the opportunity for regular personal consultation, tailored to the needs of our clients, and conducting on-site inspections when required,
  • We provide full representation to authorities,
  • During our administration, our work is not limited to the preparation of documentation but it extends until the receipt of the permits and decisions.

Here are some of the most important licensing procedures that Mertcontrol Metric Kft is able to offer its clients:

  • preliminary investigation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (KHV)
  • unified environmental use authorization (IPPC)
  • environmental review, benchmarking
  • site authorization, site notification
  • environmental design section of building permits
  • air purity protection license (point source installation permit)
  • waste management permit
  • licensing of waste management plans
  • water permits (establishment, operation)
  • authorization of waste water self-monitoring
  • groundwater monitoring systems (e.g. industrial installations, livestock farms, waste facilities)
  • remediation procedures (fact-finding, technical intervention, monitoring)
  • request for noise emission limit (permit operation of in-house and recreational noise sources)

Of course, regulatory compliance must also be reported to the authorities, one of the most widely used forms of which is the provision of various ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION SERVICES.

The most common types of data reporting are:


  • HIR login (HIR = Waste Management Information System)
  • Annual waste reports (generation, treatment)
  • Quarterly data on waste management
  • E-PRTR reporting (as part of the annual report)
  • provision of construction / demolition waste data (e.g. construction waste form)


  • Basic Air Quality Declaration (LAL)
  • LAL Change Report (LAL / v)
  • Air Pollution Annual Report (LM Report)

Water, soil:

  • groundwater data services (FAVI-ENG, FAVI-CARINFO; FAVI-MIR)
  • groundwater monitoring reports (e.g. monitoring wells, remediation, landfill)
  • Surface water protection data services (VAL, VÉL)


  • Notification of changes in noise emission from operating and leisure noise sources


  • KAR data provision (KAR = Environmental Basic Inventory System)
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