About Us

The MERTCONTROL group has been present in the field of quality control in Hungary for more than 65 years.


Founded in 1951, initially the company was a state inspection body and later also became a subsidiary of some international quality inspection bodies. Since 2006, we have been the only 100% Hungarian-owned company in the Hungarian market, called Mertcontrol Hungary Kft. We represent our partners who honor us with their trust. In 2013, Mertcontrol Hungary Kft. Acquired Metric Kft., which carries a national reputation in the field of testing lubricating oils, fuels and environmental analytical samples, and has since been a member of the Mertcontrol Group under the name Mertcontrol Metric Kft. In January 2020, HL-LAB, one of the most important soil testing laboratories in Hungary, joined the Mertcontrol Group, thus significantly expanding Mertcontrol's testing range.

Through our own accredited sampling network, we perform qualitative and quantitative inspections in agricultural crops, soils, fertilizers, environmental protection, food, mineral oil and metal industries in Hungary and the surrounding countries.

We carry out laboratory tests related to quality control with our accredited laboratories at our three sites: in Kerepes we mainly carry out crop tests, in Komárom we carry out environmental protection, mineral oil and metal industry tests, and in Debrecen we perform soil, grain, environmental protection and food tests. Our experts in the fields of agriculture, environmental protection and chemical safety provide professional support to our clients.

Mertcontrol's international network allows us to be available to our customers at a high level almost anywhere in Europe today, with a personalized package of services. As we carry out activities registered by international organizations, the certificates we issue are recognized and accepted by all economic actors worldwide.