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Petroleum and water-based lubricants

The industry and the transport use a wide range of lubricants. Lubricants should be tested in their new and used condition.

When buying new lubricant

When purchasing new lubricants, make sure that the critical parameters are correct by accredited laboratory testing.

Used lubricating oil condition survey

The properties of the lubricating oil change during the use which can be monitored by laboratory testing. The extent of the change will affect the usability of the lubricating oil, the effectiveness of the lubrication, and possibly its effect on the health of the workers. Lubricant manufacturers determine the shelf life of their lubricating oils, but there are so many external factors that it is essential for the operators of technology, high-value machinery and equipment, and modern vehicles to continuously monitor the quality of the lubricating oil.

The analysis of lubricating oils provides versatile information on the condition of the machine, engine, component, the nature and speed of the wear processes. Without disassembling, timely detection of imminent failures, avoiding costly repairs and outages. By optimizing the use of oil reserves, the oil change can be pushed to a later date.

The accredited laboratory of Mertcontrol Metric Ltd. is your reliable and competent partner in the control of wearcheck.

Used lubricant test package system

An easy-to-use test package system was developed for testing the used lubricants. Each test package contains the parameters that are most important for understanding the condition of the lubricant. The narrower package (base package) gives a general view of the lubricant, while the extended parameter package (standard package) already looks deep into the state of the lubricant.

In addition to our packages, we carry out testing of several unique parameters in our accredited laboratory.

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