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Legionella test

Government Decree 49/2015 on Public Health Regulations on Mediums and Facilities Containing Legionella Infected Risk. With the entry into force of Decree (XI. 6.) EMMI, public facilities containing substances posing a risk of Legionella exposure should be subject to Legionella risk assessment.

Our company conducts risk assessment based on on-site inspection, makes recommendations for risk reduction measures and performs Legionella testing.

Legionella testing is performed from drinking water, domestic hot water, cooling water and other systems, as well as from workplace air, if required.

Accredited microbiological tests

Our company is accredited to carry out microbiological tests from different sample types (e.g. drinking water, sewage, bathing water, surface and groundwater, emulsion).

The microbiological quality of a given sample can be influenced by many factors. In case of poor water quality, our expert colleagues not only give the test results, but also make suggestions for solving the problem. If needed, we will conduct an on-site survey and designate additional sampling points to uncover the true cause of the incorrect result.