Fumigation & Pest Control
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Fumigation & Pest Control

The protection of crops from pests does not end with the harvest, but must continue during the storage period as well. It is only recommended to store the crop in clean warehouses free of previous residues and pests, which should then be continuously monitored for warehouse insects and, if necessary, to be protected against them. To this end, we offer our partners assistance with the following services throughout the country:

  • gasification of empty cargo holds, airspace management
  • gasification of crops
  • use of different active ingredients and formulations
  • treating crops with insecticides
  • treatment of airspace with insecticide
  • handling of cargo with vacuum depth treatment
  • gasification during rotation-transfer
  • gasification by circulation
  • control of the above activities as a third party
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Tel.: +36 30 768 2785