Safety data sheet service
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Creating and translating a safety data sheet

Hazardous substance, hazardous mixture may only be placed on the market with a safety data sheet prepared by the manufacturer / distributor or importer in Hungarian language and in accordance with Hungarian legislation, the distributor of the product may only sell / resell the product to distributors or to the contractor dealing with the dangerous substance, for business. The safety data sheet is currently formally required to comply with Regulation (EU) 2015/830 and the classification and labeling of the product can only be done in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.

Our safety data sheet services include:

  • Preparation of safety data sheets for hazardous substances and mixtures.
  • Translation of safety data sheets according to Hungarian legislation (nationalization)
  • Preparing a safety data sheet in a foreign language.
  • Notification of hazardous substances and mixtures to the OSZIR system.
  • Compilation of label designs (read more here)

Information needed to prepare this data sheet:- Material Safety Data Sheet

  • The exact composition of the product
  • The fantasy name of the product
  • Physicochemical properties according to section 9 of the safety data sheet
  • Use of the product (identified use)
  • Method of use (industrial, professional, residential)

During the localization of the data sheet, it is sufficient to define the original manufacturer's data sheet and the Hungarian name of the product to get started. The name may be the same or different from the manufacturer's name.

The most important tasks when translating a safety data sheet (localization) are:

  • Definition of the (commercial) name in Hungary
  • Control of product hazard classification (H and P phrases, supplemental hazard information)
  • Exposure limit values in Hungary
  • Check the waste classification and, if necessary, provide it
  • Check shipping information
  • Provide the relevant Hungarian legislation

Naturalization means much more than simple translation. The essence of the localization is that the data sheet is in full compliance with the Hungarian legislation in force.

Mertcontrol Metric Ltd. always checks the classification of raw materials and finished products in accordance with applicable legislation and, if necessary, modifies it in consultation with the product manufacturer. When importing, the product must also be checked for compliance with applicable EU legislation. In all cases, the end result is a data sheet that is perfectly compliant with the law.

When translating / creating safety data sheets, we will first ask for the data sheets to be localized and the product compositions, and then we will give you an individual quote. This way we can take into account the similarity of the products and thus provide a better price to the customer.

Previously created data sheets by Mertcontrol Metric, are revised at a much lower price than the production / translation, and the amount of data to be modified is taken into consideration when making the quotation.

Of course, with a large number of datasheets, it is also possible to determine a fixed price per piece.

The information provided to us is always a business secret (even if only a quote is requested, no order is placed), no information is disclosed to third parties, not even the name of our client.